Wormfarm Resident Artist Show Opens

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On Saturday, July 28, 4-8 p.m., the annual mid-season Wormfarm Resident Artist Show will open at the Woolen Mill Gallery, 28 E Main St (2nd Floor) in Reedsburg. The exhibition is part of the Reedikulus Arts Crawl, a free downtown walking tour organized by Reedsburg ArtsLink, featuring local and regional artists exhibiting in retail spaces, vacant storefronts, back alleys, galleries, and city parks.

The exhibition, entitled Something From Here, gathers work by six artists who, in overlapping groups of two and three, have shared residency this summer at the Wormfarm Institute. Artists are: Jupiter Allen, from Milwaukee; Sara Glaberson, from New York City; Michelle Haberl, from Philadelphia; Lindsay Koontz, from North Carolina; Christine Mackey, from Leitrim, Ireland; and Patricia Tinajero, from Massachusetts.  

Situated in the daily demands and potentials of a working vegetable farm, the Wormfarm residency offers artists the unique opportunity to engage in agricultural life and pull local influences into their creative practice. Each installation on view will draw on “something from here,” creating a dynamic flow between the local and global through lenses that are personal, social, and ecological. The exhibition includes a range of media, including photography, drawing, sculptural work, and a collaborative installation using SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)—most commonly known for its use in kombucha fermentation.

Gallery hours are Saturday, July 28, 4-8 p.m., and by appointment through Saturday, August 4. To make an appointment, contact Residency Manager Philip Matthews at residency@wormfarminstitute.org. This is the eighteenth season that Wormfarm has hosted artists from across the U.S. and globe.

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