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Position: 2020 Farm/Art DTour Coordinator – part time, flexible work schedule 

The DTour Coordinator is a key project position for the 8th Farm/Art DTour (Sep 26-Oct 4), part of Fermentation Fest: A Live Culture Convergence. This position focuses on planning and implementing the DTour and works closely with a team including the Director of Programs, Executive Director, and Logistics Coordinator to launch a smooth running, high quality event.

 Primary Responsibilities & Duties

  • Work with the Director of Programs to coordinate all elements of the DTour (artworks, performances, Field Notes, signage and vendors)
  • Responsible for all aspects that pertain to participating artists, farmers, landowners, performers
  • Engage community members, collaborators, and build meaningful working relationships 
  • Attend weekly staff meetings 

Reports to: Director of Programs and Executive Director

Job Tasks Include:

DTour Logistics

  • Coordinate artist travel, lodging, orientation, and other requirements
  • With Logistics Coordinator, work with artists, landowners, and staff to identify sites and secure permissions for all DTour Stops, document and organize information 
  • Coordinate performers as needed 
  • Determine volunteer needs
  • Plan and coordinate all installation and de-installation with Logistics Coordinator
  • Work with Logistics Coordinator to support vendors


  • Create comprehensive records including contact info and contracts for all DTour participants
  • Help create accurate map of final selected sites and interface with designers 
  • Submit weekly summary 
  • Maintain ongoing, timely correspondence with staff and collaborators


  • Assist staff with content for Event Guide, DTour Map, and Fermentation Fest website 
  • Work with other staff to create and maintain effective social media campaigns with focus on Instagram (including Live / IGTV) and Facebook
  • Document process, propose press opportunities, and assist as needed with press correspondence and events 


  • With staff, follow up with participants including thank you’s, evaluations, acknowledgements
  • Work with Director of Programs to create / implement visitor surveys during the DTour 
  • Submit comprehensive final report

 Other Shared Tasks

  • Work closely with communications and graphic design staff
  • Assist with fundraising efforts as needed
  • Assist with general office work as needed
  • Assist with civic engagement initiatives as needed 
  • Distribute promotional materials 

Qualifications and skills:

  • College degree in related field preferred but not required
  • Ease with technology — Google Drive, Maps Microsoft Office, Dropbox,, Instagram, Facebook
    • Experience with graphic design software, map software, WordPress and WIX website platforms a plus
  • Highly organized and self-directed
  • Strong work ethic, team player, thrives in fast-paced, collaborative work environment with multiple responsibilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills, enjoys working with artists and farmers 

Work schedule:

Limited term with flexible schedule. Average 15-20 hours / week.

Additional responsibilities:

Meetings and travel may occur on weekends or evening hours. A personal automobile will be required.

Term: Mid-May – mid-October 2020, 20-22 weeks.

Compensation:  $15/hr 

See websites for more information: and

In ecology there is a concept called “edge environments” – areas between one sort of landscape and another, where ecosystems overlap. These edges tend to have more diversity (and therefore more hardiness) than either of the adjoining environments alone. These mixed-use zones, both literal and conceptual, characterize the DTour experience and allow us to see new possibilities for our land, our work, and our communities.

How to apply 

Send resume or CV and three professional references to Executive Director Donna Neuwirth Subject line: DTour Coordinator.

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