“Art of the Rural” Panel

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Art of the Rural: Creating Thriving Places Beyond the City is a panel discussion hosted by the Wormfarm Institute as the final event of Fermentation Fest 2014–A Live Culture Convergence.

Moderated by Curt Meine, five prominent panelists discussed the wealth of imagination, innovation, and collaboration found across communities and culture-based projects in rural America. These initiatives highlight connections between art, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and the heritage of a people and their place. This work often frames new ways of thinking about the relationship between rural and urban spheres within a given cultureshed. *

The panel addresses these qualities from a variety of personal and professional perspectives, describing how collaboration across fields and between sectors is having a lasting impact on rural America. The event closed with open discussion and a performance by resident musicians Holy Sheboygan.

* A term coined by Wormfarm Institute founder Jay Salinas, meaning “A geographic region irrigated by streams of local talent and fed by deep pools of human and natural history.”


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Video Highlights:

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‣ 0:00 Introductions

‣ 2:47 Jamie Bennett:

“Artists are the one asset that exists in every community.”

‣ 8:36 Sarah Lloyd:

“Agriculture provides a unique and exceptional opportunity because of its connection to the land.”

‣ 14:37 Matthew Fluharty:

“The 21st century is about the responsiveness between the rural and urban.”

‣ 22:07 Charles Fluharty:

“The importance of place, culture, and the arts”

‣ 27:02 Stan Gruszynski:

“Successful societies are societies where you have an enlightened constituency.”

‣ 40:20 Q&A – Exemplary Projects, Trends, and Challenges

‣ 48:19 Q&A – What is ‘art’? What is ‘rural art’?

‣ 1:03:00 Q&A – Rural Diaspora

‣ 1:08:14 Closing Remarks, Staying on the Cutting Edge

‣ 1:14:11 Holy Sheboygan performs “Afraid to Die”

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