Create Farm Forms for 2015 Farm/Art DTour

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Community groups, students, artists, landowners and businesses from all over Sauk County are invited to showcase their creativity by constructing ‘Farm Forms’ for the 2015 Farm/Art DTour, part of the 5th annual Fermentation Fest, October 2nd to 11th.

Farm Forms are creative constructions located along the rural roads and farm fields of the Farm/Art DTour. In the past, Farm Forms have included hay bale sculptures, painted silage bags, and creative displays of antique tractors.

Due to limited space, the DTour map can only include up to 10 Farm Forms. DTour Coordinator Katie Schofield has this advice: “To increase the likelihood of getting on the map, we encourage the following: large scale, the use of natural materials, and a unique concept. Even if you’re not officially on the map, everyone is welcome to create a Farm Form. Clever surprises that pop-up along the DTour have come to be called Rogue Installations.”

Read the full invitation here or contact Katie Schofield with a brief  brief plan and a title by May 15. Selections are made by the DTour’s Art and Farm Form Committee.

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