Fermentation Fest – Past and Future

Posted Nov 10, 2016 | No Comments

This year’s sixth annual Fermentation Fest once again celebrated the work of artists, famers, poets, bakers, fermenters, chefs, dancers and many more,  in the beautiful working lands of Sauk County. It is impossible to capture all the live culture taking place, but a small selection of photos can be viewed here.
Fermentation Fest has rapidly grown in the six years we have been running, and we believe in the importance of taking a step back before taking steps forward. To that end, the decision has been made to continue much of Fermentation Fest annually but to shift the Farm/Art DTour to every other year or to a “biennial” format, which in horticulture refers to a plant that blooms its second year.

Check back in the new year for details about Fermentation Fest 2017, as the format and structure of the event are going to see some big changes. 2018 will see the DTour return after a year of productive germination and growth.

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