DTour Blooms Into a Biennial

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It’s been an amazing six-years watching the Farm/Art DTour grow. We began with the seed of an idea in 2010 and by 2016 had evolved to a 53-mile route with dozens of map stops attracting over 20,000 visitors over ten days. DTourists came by car, bike, horse-drawn buggy. They came for one day or several, and most came back year after year. Each year’s DTour has been enriched with more artists, performances, and participation by landowners and businesses along the route.

And now, in the 7th year – like the classic day of rest – it feels wise to press the “pause” button, allowing time to assess how to manage the many and complex “moving parts” and the resources needed to sustain them.

Wormfarm’s mission and programs take inspiration from the abundant metaphors within our agricultural heritage. Crop rotation, letting fields lie fallow to replenish the soil, produces richer outcomes after the year of rest. In horticulture a “biennial” is a plant that remains rooted and live, but blooms every other year. The wisdom of these natural processes informs our decision to transition the Farm/Art DTour to a biennial schedule. The DTour will take 2017 as its year of rest, and resume in autumn of 2018.

The Fermentation Fest will continue annually, consisting of a robust, Reedsburg-based offering of classes, workshops, food and performances based on the theme of fermentation. This year the Fest occurs October 6-8 and 13-15, 2017. Check back after August 1st for information about the Fest. We hope to see you there.

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