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  • Ipsum
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This is an ordinary paragraph.It was but some few days after encountering the Frenchman, that a most significant event befell the most insignificant of the Pequod’s crew; an event most lamentable; and which ended in providing the sometimes madly merry and predestinated craft with a living and ever accompanying prophecy of whatever shattered sequel might prove her own.

This is a paragraph in blockquotes. Now, in the whale ship, it is not every one that goes in the boats. Some few hands are reserved called shipkeepers, whose province it is to work the vessel while the boats are pursuing the whale. As a general thing, these shipkeepers are as hardy fellows as the men comprising the boats’ crews. But if there happen to be an unduly slender, clumsy, or timorous wight in the ship, that wight is certain to be made a ship-keeper. It was so in the Pequod with the little negro Pippin by nick-name, Pip by abbreviation. Poor Pip! ye have heard of him before; ye must remember his tambourine on that dramatic midnight, so gloomy-jolly.

In outer aspect, Pip and Dough-Boy made a match, like a black pony and a white one, of equal developments, though of dissimilar color, driven in one eccentric span. But while hapless Dough-Boy was by nature dull and torpid in his intellects, Pip, though over tender-hearted, was at bottom very bright, with that pleasant, genial, jolly brightness peculiar to his tribe; a tribe, which ever enjoy all holidays and festivities with finer, freer relish than any other race. For blacks, the year’s calendar should show naught but three hundred and sixty-five Fourth of Julys and New Year’s Days. Nor smile so, while I write that this little black was brilliant, for even blackness has its brilliancy; behold yon lustrous ebony, panelled in king’s cabinets. But Pip loved life, and all life’s peaceable securities…

This is a paragraph in blockquotes with an “id selector” called “main-quote” applied to it. As you can see, it changes the text and also adds the torn-paper background. Please have a look at the html editor of this page to see how I applied that syntax to the paragraph.

You can have as many blockquotes as you want on a page. However, you can only have one blockquote with “main-quote” on a page. Now, in the whale ship, it is not every one that goes in the boats.

Artist Residency Application

  • Give a brief statement as to why you would like to do a residency at the Wormfarm and a description of a project you have in mind (we understand this may change once you arrive).
  • Part of your residency at the Wormfarm Institute will be helping in our organic vegetable garden. There will also be work on various buildings; including the barn which is gradually being converted to artist studio and workshop space. Please describe skills and experience which could be useful in our efforts.
  • Please give the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of three references and their relationship to you.
  • Have you done other residencies? If yes, please list name, location and dates.
  • Sample work files

    Separately from this online form, please email:
    - samples of your work in .jpeg, .pdf or .doc format
    - your resume

    to: jay@wormfarminstitute.org

    In the subject line of your email, please write "[Your Name] Residency Application Work Samples and Resume."

    Please send no more than 10 images or 15 pages. If the work is in video format, please provide a link to the video online.
  • Preferred residency dates

    Our primary residency season goes from May to mid-October. Residencies can be for the entire season or part of it. Minimum two month stay is preferred. Preference is given to longer residencies. Please enter your preferred dates below.
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