Corn-centric weekend

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Corn Again/ Maiz de Nuevo, a show curated by Chicago-based artist Catherine Schwalbe, is opening at the Woolen Mill Gallery, 28 E Main St, 2nd floor Reedsburg, on Friday, August 18 from 6-9 pm. Four artists, all of whom have shared more dialogue with corn than with each other, are thrilled to share their work with Wisconsin. This show will affirm their passion for corn and fuel yours, through painting, encaustic, sculpture, and mixed media work. Featured artists include Hector Duarte, Alfonso “Piloto” Nieves Ruiz, and Catherine Schwalbe of Chicago and Margaret Berry of Lincoln, Nebraska.

This will be Schwalbe’s third show at the Woolen Mill. Food, Feed, Fuel (2009) and Women in Grains (2010) also explored corn and other commodity grains through many different mediums.  Ms. Schwalbe, a Wisconsin native, was also an original Farm/ Art DTour artist and has made regular appearances there with the Corn-Nettes Gallery hours for Corn Again are MondayWednesdayFriday1-5PMAugust 19 – September 15, or by appointment –

As a part of the corn-centric weekend, Corn Meal – Comida de Maiz, will be taking place at the Old School Art Asylum in Lime Ridge on August 19 from 3-5 pm. The dinner will be curated and prepared by Chef Kimberly Anderson and is influenced by the cuisines of Italy and the Americas. The dinner includes a four-course meal featuring hyper-local vegetables, pozole and masa made from heirloom corn. Seating for this event is limited, visit for tickets and more information.

Corn Again and the Corn Meal are part of Wormfarm Institute’s Test Plots series leading up to Fermentation Fest in October. The exhibit is made possible in part through grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Sauk County Arts and Culture Committee, the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the state of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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