Another Link in the Food Chain

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Food Chain, Fermentation Fest 2015. Photo Katrin Talbot

Food Chain, Fermentation Fest 2015. Photo Katrin Talbot

As part this year’s Reedikulous Day and just before the Art Crawl on July 29, Wormfarm Institute will convene a gathering of Roadside Culture Stands from 3-7 PM in City Park. Called a Food Chain, it is described as a marketplace of food, art and ideas. Among the featured vendors will be Farm/ Art DTour favorites Chef K Clark Pickles & Preserves and Lodge Coffee Roasters. Another Food Chain partner Whimsy Dish Catering will be serving on the corner of Main Street and Walnut.

In the art and ideas department, special guest artist from Milwaukee Muneer Bahauddeen will be offering a free clay tile workshop in the Park leading to the creation and installation of several Peace Posts in the community. Peace Posts can be found throughout the world and carry significant meaning for the communities in which they are placed. What makes Muneer’s posts unique is his concept of working directly with community members to realize their personal vision through mindfulness and physical creation of the tiles. This helps to re-affirm for those involved, that they have a stake in the finished project.

The workshop begins with an exercise in process and goals. During this time Muneer encourages everyone to envision their hopes for themselves, their families and/or the greater community. These aspirations are then written down on paper and will be used as part of the finished project.

With Muneer’s guidance, each participant is given a slab of clay, a template and tools to begin creating 3” x 6” tiles. Once the tiles are completed they will be glazed and fired. In phase two of the project, the fired tiles will be set into specially prepared wooden posts. The vision statements collected from the workshop will be placed inside the post and sealed behind the tiles. Once completed, the post can be installed in public parks, gateways or any place the community deems important. Phase Two is still seeking funding with the help of the Reedsburg Revitalization Organization. Muneer’s guest artist appearance is supported in part by a Sauk County Arts and Culture Committee.

Good Idea Grant and is part of Wormfarm Institute’s Rural/Urban Flow Initiative that seeks to develop constructive linkages and healthy exchange between all citizens of our Cultureshed.

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