Dedicated to integrating culture and agriculture, the Wormfarm Institute is an evolving laboratory of the arts and ecology and fertile ground for creative work. Planting a seed, cultivating, reaping what you sow…both farmer and artist have these activities in common.

Wormfarm explores the links between urban and rural communities within and beyond the food chain, creating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. With the mission to integrate culture and agriculture, Wormfarm’s work brings together farming, ecology and the arts to rekindle the cultural and enhance the economic possibilities of our region while celebrating its unique natural and human history.

Just as the word culture is embedded in agriculture, so is cultural expression itself deeply embedded within our landscapes and our ways of deriving our livings from them. We believe the emotional power of the arts brings to the sustainability conversation the complexity and context that this crucial subject requires. For thousands of years, farmers in cultures around the world interwove dance, music, and art through rituals of planting and the harvest in celebration of the land and those who care for it. Through a contemporary approach and within this timeless context, we continue that tradition.